Choosing Edible Oils to Prevent Heart Disease

Cooking oil is widely used for cooking, regardless of what type. Each type of cooking oil has different levels of unsaturated fats (good fats) and saturated fats (bad fats). Check out the various choices of cooking oil that are good for heart health. A diet that contains lots of saturated fat is associated with increased cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease. Therefore, living a healthy lifestyle including the choice of cooking oil is important, in order to maintain heart health. Various Edible Oils that Are Good for Heart Health Here are some choices for cooking oil that are good for heart health: Olive oil Olive oil is a healthy oil for your heart. This is because the fat in olive oil is mostly in the form of unsaturated fat and does not contain cholesterol. This oil contains a number of antioxidants and a little vitamin E and K. Research shows that consumption of extra virgin olive oil can reduce the risk of heart disease by 39 percent. Olive oil can be u
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